Kenyan Mosque Turns Positive Messages Into TV Station

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By E. Leigh Friday is the traditional day of congregational worship for Muslims, when millions come together in their local mosques for prayer. But on the other six days of the week, the world outside the mosque hears messages that paint a negative picture of the Islamic religion – messages that are drowning out the … Read more…

How Marel Uses Video To Engage Global Employees


With 4000 employees across 50 locations in 30 countries, how do you keep everyone informed, motivated and feeling like part of the team? For Marel, the answer is professional video communication. Marel is the leading global provider of advanced equipment for the food processing industries, providing machinery that does everything from harvesting raw materials to … Read more…

SXSW 2015: “What’s Trending” Streams Live from the Samsung Lounge


Hosting a “Blogger Lounge” at large trade and festival events to draw social influencers together has become a major opportunity for companies to get quality time and good will for the brand with key social media communicators.  SXSW, for example, has gone from having one such lounge a few years ago, to having a long … Read more…

Patriot League Takes On Free Streaming (White Paper)


Article on Sports Video Group This year’s graduating class of Midshipmen from the U.S. Naval Academy may be remembered for its many honors by professors, parents and fellow students, but one of its least-known accomplishments will go down in the history of the Patriot League as that collegiate athletic conference’s top achievement of 2013-14 –at least … Read more…

Increase Quality, Streamline Workflow, For Less Money? Here’s How HRTV Managed It

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The timeless attraction of horse racing, dating back to ancient Greece, Babylon, Syria and Egypt, is simple. The thoroughbred horse, widely believed to be faster than cheetahs in endurance races, can maintain a speed of 45 miles per hour for a distance of more than a mile, making the horse race “the fastest two minutes … Read more…

Inside Penn Sports Network’s Winning Streaming Strategy (White Paper)


Full Article on Sports Video Group When a businessman needed to be in Singapore on business, he was elated that he could watch live HD video streams of his daughter playing lacrosse for the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. In fact, Penn alumni, fans and students can subscribe to where they can watch their … Read more…

Next Generation Video Interviews (Webcast)


Next Generation Video Interviews with TalkShow Dr. Andrew Cross and Simon Lucas, the men behind the teams who created TalkShow and Skype TX, explain how this groundbreaking solution is reinventing your broadcast interviews and streamlining your workflow, followed by an in-depth look at the system with product expert Don Ballance. Find more information on TalkShow … Read more…

Show The World by NewTek


NewTek Mission Statement: NewTek gives storytellers a voice through video. We use innovation and technology to fundamentally change the way video is created and used, allowing more people to share their stories, experiences and ideas with the world and enjoy doing it.

The creativity and ingenuity of our employees are the key to our success, and we genuinely care about them and their families.

How Nike Took A Soccer Event Social With #RiskEverything


“These players spend their lives on social media, they want to share what they’ve done, right away.” – Will Mould, Managing Director, XYZ Five days. 50+ matches a day. Only one winning team. Nike’s #RiskEverything four-a-side soccer tournament delivers non-stop fast-and-furious action. It brings together some of the hungriest, most talented, most socially-connected teenagers to … Read more…