InBroadcast: InStudio Column’s Overview of TalkShow VS100


Full Story at InBroadcast The March 2015 issue of InBroadcast includes a comprehensive overview of NewTek TalkShow VS-100.  The article covers the feature set in detail, giving those considering the product a good picture of the functions provided in this new video calling production tool.  In the online version of the article, linked to above … Read more…

NABShow 2015: NewTek Hosts Broadcast Minds™: Content Leaders Chart Broadcast’s Future


Today’s media creators are always pushing the envelope – finding new ways to make and share video content. To spotlight these innovators, NewTek hosts Broadcast Minds™, where industry leaders discuss the future of broadcast communications. Panelists will include: Leo Laporte: Moderator; Founder and Owner of TWiT.TV, Leo has been one of the industry’s top tech … Read more…

How Multi-Camera Production Dramatically Improves Your Training and Company Meeting Videos


By Steve Hullfish: Meeting planners, video producers and trainers all have something in common. They have to figure out how to engage an audience with content that is produced cost-effectively. A boring meeting or training session is actually worse than none at all, because the participants have wasted otherwise productive time that can lead to … Read more…

How To Videotape or Interview a C-level Executive (Part 2)


Part II: Shooting, Wrapping & Editing by George Avgerakis: In Part 1 of this article you learned why C-level video presentations carry a high risk reward profile and how to organize such a shoot.  In Part 2, we start off with techniques to assist you in the actual shoot, wrapping and editing. The Interview Shoot … Read more…

How To Videotape or Interview a C-level Executive (Part 1)


Part 1: Risk/Reward Profile & How To Organize Your Shoot by George Avgerakis:   If you work in corporate video, there is one job almost no one wants to do – videotaping the CEO. CEOs with their own in-house video departments consider the department a perquisite regarded much as a private car and chauffer. Smaller … Read more…

Next Generation Video Interviews (Webcast)


Next Generation Video Interviews with TalkShow Dr. Andrew Cross and Simon Lucas, the men behind the teams who created TalkShow and Skype TX, explain how this groundbreaking solution is reinventing your broadcast interviews and streamlining your workflow, followed by an in-depth look at the system with product expert Don Ballance. Find more information on TalkShow … Read more…

How Video Can Reduce Expenses and Improve ROI

ROI Calculator

Video solves problems. It seems too good to be true, but it is one of the best problem solvers there is. What’s my proof? Everyone knows the top search engine in the world is Google. But do you know the second most used search engine? YouTube. And we’re not just talking about cat videos. When … Read more…

Dispelling The Myth: Video is Hard, Video is Expensive

video camera lens

By Steve Hullfish For many companies without internal video departments, video can be seen as expensive and difficult. Producing a video should never be difficult and it can be quite inexpensive. First, let’s discuss the difficulty of producing a video. If you use an in-house video production department or an outside vendor, their job should … Read more…

Show The World by NewTek


NewTek Mission Statement: NewTek gives storytellers a voice through video. We use innovation and technology to fundamentally change the way video is created and used, allowing more people to share their stories, experiences and ideas with the world and enjoy doing it.

The creativity and ingenuity of our employees are the key to our success, and we genuinely care about them and their families.